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The Basics of Using Nitrogen Tires

Increase your tire life and fuel economy while decreasing your chance of a tire failure by choosing to fill your tires with Nitrogen. Nitrogen protects your tires by decreasing permeation (oxygen passing through the tire), and safeguards your tires from pressure fluctuations due to temperature changes, which can play havoc with your tire sensors. Your tires will experience a more consistent pressure throughout their lifetime, prolonging their viability.

The Nitrogen Advantage:

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Extended Tire Tread Life
  • Safety and Reliability
  • Better Braking & Handling
  • Reduction in Tire Failures
  • Environmentally Friendly

A Professional Edge in Tire Performance

Nitrogen alone is a dry, non-flammable gas, with inert properties proven safe enough to be used for tire inflation by NASA, the U.S. Military, Boeing, Indy, NASCAR, and the airline industry. And when you factor in the better fuel economy and fewer tire purchases, nitrogen pays for itself in no time.


  • Q: I have ordinary air in my tires, how does Nitrogen air work?
    A: A Certified Technician will deflate your tires and refill them with Nitrogen gas using new, state-of-the-art equipment resulting in 95-99% nitrogen filled tires. You'll be back on the road quickly.
  • Q: Do I still need to check my tire pressure if my tires are filled with Nitrogen?
    A: Yes. But, you find the tire pressure to be more consistent, even during dramatic temperature changes.
  • Q: What happens if my tire pressure is low and I need to add more air?
    A: Not an issue, you can fill you tires with ordinary air. Having properly inflated tires is of the utmost importance. The air in your tires will no longer be pure Nitrogen, however, during your next service visit, we can purify your tires with Nitrogen air.
  • Q: Will Nitrogen improve the performance of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on my vehicle?
    A: Yes. Nitrogen will help your tires maintain proper inflation and reduce the number of faults detected by the TPMS.

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