Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart

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With the new year well under way and everyone now back to work, it is time to start thinking about that next break - VACATION!  Summer will be here before you know it,  and that family road trip is within sight. Whether it's across the state or across the country there are two options we have when driving, scenic or direct.

Home is where the heart is.

When taking the direct route to a specific location you accomplish three main objectives. The first of these objectives is saving gas.  Although gas prices are currently quite low, this past year we have seen record highs causing the cost of any road trip to skyrocket.  By taking the direct route you are able to use the least amount of gasoline possible.  This in turn accomplishes the second objective, which is, saving money. By decreasing the amount of gas and eliminating the option of seeing local sites, landmarks, or historical sites, you are able to save money.  The third of these objectives is saving time. Time is seen as such a precious commodity which means that anything that can help you save time on the road is very valuable.   By saving time on the road you are able to spend more of it with friends and loved ones enjoying vacation.

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

Scenic routes however offer completely different benefits.  Many states provide protective laws and regulations that allow the natural beauty of the environment to remain untouched.   These scenic drives are all around us if we know where to look. By clicking here you can see the different locations and routes that the state of California has protected and preserved for us to enjoy while driving.  One of the benefits of scenic routes include, gaining a greater appreciation for the world around you.  (One tip to help accomplish this is by putting away modern distractions like cell phones, tablets, etc.) Another benefit of taking the scenic route is  getting the opportunity to support local and small businesses.  When the state started protecting specific locations to assure the preservation of their beauty they put a stop to any major construction within certain areas that may disrupt the environment.  Small businesses such as local stores, bakeries, diners, or specialty shops depend on the business provided by tourists and passers by. So enjoy the best of what the "local" have to offer and help support the work that they do.

Finally and probably the most important is that by taking the scenic route you are able to experience more than what the hustle and bustle of everyday life offers us.  The average commuter spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic and to take some time and enjoy a different site other then brake lights and busy freeways may be the perfect thing to enhance your vacation.  The next time a road trip is included in a family vacation it may be well worth the time and effort to plan and take the scenic route and add unexpected adventures and memories that the direct route simply does not offer.

Michael Anderson
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