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Check Your Car or Truck Battery at Moss Bros.

Moss Bros. Auto Group has a substantial selection of new car batteries for sale to meet your needs! Your vehicle's battery is the the life blood of its system and you need it to do what its supposed to do, day in and day out. That's why you will want to visit one of Moss Bros. Auto Group's eight locations in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Moreno Valley for a free battery test and systems check. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge of our Certified Technicians, but have peace of mind that your battery will be reliable and long-lasting.

Common Car-Battery Pitfalls

Just because your vehicle won't start, that doesn't necessarily mean your battery needs to be replaced.

The average life span of a car or truck battery is about five years. However, keep in mind that different makes and models have varying starting requirements and accessories that may add additional draw from the battery, shortening its life. Ambient temperatures can also affect battery life as well as the driving habit of the users.

Don't Let Your Car Sit for Long Periods

It's possible that you may have sulfation - when lead sulfate crystals form on the lead plates reducing current flow. Sulfation commonly occurs in vehicles that sit for for a prolonged period of time. The longer the battery sits, the worse the sulfation may become. In some cases, it may not be recoverable, but in others, pulse charging the battery or slow-trickle charging may bring the battery back to life.

Low Water Levels

Water can also play a critical role in the health of a vehicle battery. A low water level will cause an imbalance in the acidic levels of the cells and can lead to sulfation. The battery can lose water if the battery is being overcharged. Water can be added to some batteries, but make sure it is distilled. It's best to have a trained technician address these kinds of issues, as tampering with car batteries can be hazardous.

Watch for Signs of Corrosion

Another factor, and the most common, that may be the culprit of a non-functioning battery is corrosion. Both positive (+) and negative (-) terminals should be inspected regularly for signs of corrosion which is commonly due to electrolysis occurring from the different metals on the terminals and battery cables. It also occurs if there is an imperfect seal between the posts and plastic casing. In this case, a white powdery build-up occurs. Be careful not to touch or inhale this because it is toxic!

Electrical Issues causing a Parasitic Draw

The most sneaky reason a car or truck battery stops working is due to a parasitic draw, meaning a bad cable, malfunctioning alternator, after-market accessory, or errant system component is drawing power from your battery when the vehicle is turned off. The battery will typically work well, once the charge is restored. If you frequently return to a dead battery, even after installing a new one, you most likely have a parasitic draw compromising your battery.

Moss Bros. is Here to Help!

To get to the root of your vehicle's battery issue, visit Moss Bros. Auto Group for a free battery test and inspection. We stock a wide selection fit for every make and model.

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