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Brake Repair Service Done Right

Moss Bros. understands how important it is that your vehicle is operating safely at all times. At each and every service appointment at any Moss Bros. dealerships in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Moreno Valley comes with a no-cost multi-point vehicle inspection which includes a thorough inspection of your vehicle's braking system. Your Moss Bros. Service Adviser will keep you informed of their condition and notify you when replacement or service is necessary. We offer expert brake repair by Certified Service Technicians, which will ensure that you are safe on the roads.

Front Brake Repair

Front brakes are typically disc brakes which utilize brake pad and rotors to function. Front brakes on most vehicles tend to wear faster due the vehicle's weight shifting to the front when you brake. This mean that the front brakes bear the brunt of the work when stopping your vehicle. Over time, brake pads will deteriorate due to the friction caused by braking and thus will require replacement. Brake pads are activated by calipers. Calipers will often need to be replaced or rebuilt as they succumb to wear and tear. In addition to brake pads and calipers, rotors are another component to your vehicle's braking system. While rotors do not need replacement often, they may still require repair to keep them functioning properly.

Rear Brake Repair

Your vehicle may have rear disc brakes that function similarly to front brakes. These will also need to be routinely inspected but generally do not wear as quickly as front brakes. Alternatively, your vehicle may have drum brakes in the rear. Drum brakes are comprised of multiple parts including brake shoes, pistons and drums and typically will take longer to complete repairs on. Worn brake shoes that go un-repaired can lead to problems within the drums necessitating further repairs and expense. That's why here at Moss Bros. Auto Group, we offer no cost multi-point inspections on every visit. By properly inspecting your vehicle, we can identify issues and make necessary repairs before more serious or costly repairs are needed.

So don't wait, schedule your brake inspection at one of Moss Bros. Auto Group's eight locations in Riverside, San Bernardino, or Moreno Valley, California today!

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