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Function of a Vehicle Starting System

To make the engine of a vehicle start, electrical power must be converted to mechanical power. A vehicle's starter provides this function by drawing electrical power from the battery and engaging the vehicle's engine and other systems though a complex process. A vehicle's starter is made up of a motor, a solenoid, its electrical circuitry and, in some vehicles, a starter solenoid relay. The starter motor actually turns the car's motor to turn it on. Turning the key operates the solenoid. The solenoid is a motor in and of itself that moves the gears from the starter motor to connect with the gears on the flywheel to turn the engine. In some vehicles, the starter solenoid relay  operates a relay the operates the solenoid by turning the key to the start position. It also protect the starter switch by controlling the amount of current that runs through the starter switch, preventing damage and prolonging the life of the switch.

Symptoms of a Bad Starter

Symptoms for a bad starter and for a dead battery are very similar. We suggest that you first check that your vehicle's battery is in excellent working order and fully charged before diagnosing a problem with the starting system as it will make the process much simpler.

Car Won't Start

You sit in your car or truck, check your mirrors, adjust the seat, put the key in the ignition...and nothing...happens. There is no sound, no crank, nothing. This is indicative of either a complete failure or a partial failure of the starter system. It is advised to get the mechanism checked, you  may be able to address an issue before a complete level of failure is reached.

Delayed or Labored Cranking

If your sense your vehicle laboring and cranking very slowly to start, you have a problem with the starter mechanism. Hurry in to Moss Bros. Auto Group to have it checked out. You will save yourself time and money from extensive car repairs that will result with the mechanism completely fails.

Grinding Noise and Freewheeling

Worn out gears can cause problems. When the gear must rotate long before engaging with the flywheel is called freewheeling.  When the gear fails to retract after ignition, the grinding noise occurs. Both symptoms are indicative that your vehicle's starter system needs attention.

If you experience any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with Moss Bros. Auto Group in Riverside, San Bernardino, or Moreno Valley. Being proactive will save you a lot of money, precious time and much aggravation.

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